Unfinished Solid Oak Flooring in London

Our unfinished solid oak flooring is available in various widths and grades, and it's ready for immediate dispatch to London and its surroundings. Ideal for residential and commercial premises, those micro-grooved planks come in Prime, Natural and Rustic Grades.

Our standard range of unfinished solid oak flooring includes 120 mm and 140 mm wide oak boards, with a thickness of 20 mm. All of them have a low-positioned tongue & groove fitting, which gives the flooring a longer life span and more sandable depth.

We also supply and fit square edge planks with widths of up to 180mm, including 160mm as well. Those, however, will be produced on request, with an average time of 2 weeks.

How To Order?

To make your London solid oak flooring order, or check availability, call 020 88309788. You can also order online through our website. Solid wood floors fitting advice and supplies, such as wood floor adhesives, damp-proof membranes, lacquers, and hardwax oil are also available to order.

Stock Availability

As an unfinished solid oak flooring supplier, we try to keep our stock high at all times. However, if we have run out of a certain product, it will usually take 1-2 weeks to get it restocked. We are convinced that considering this, we will be able to deliver your new oak flooring to you within a reasonable timeframe.

Large Volume Orders

Full palette orders, or orders over a palette, provide a discount of 5%.

Our Parquet Flooring Delivery to London

All solid oak flooring orders are subject to stock availability and dispatched on the following day if placed by 2 pm. Our London solid oak flooring delivery is charged at £65.00 for a half pallet and £80.00 for a full pallet, plus VAT. The average coverage per pallet is approx. 80 sqm and it weighs around 1,200 kg.

Our Parquet Floor Grading System

  • Rustic Grade - This is the type that has a rich and vivid character, thus presenting the possibility of knots and colour variation between the blocks;
  • Natural Grade - Here the timber feels more natural, even 'calm', You can discover a small number of knots of up to 5 mm, with almost no colour variation between the blocks;
  • Prime Grade - clean oak timber without colour variation between the blocks; knots of 1 mm may appear randomly on 1 out of every 5 blocks.