Parquet Flooring Blocks in London

Parquet flooring blocks in LondonWe are London supplier of oak parquet flooring. If looking for parquet blocks, you are at the right place - just browse our range of oak parquet flooring blocks and choose your size and grade.

Our tongue-and-grooved oak blocks include the following sizes - 70 x 230 x 20 mm, 70 x 280 x 20 mm and 70 x 350 x 20 mm, and are ready for next day dispatch (subject to current stock availability) to London. They are available in Prime, Rustic and Natural grades and each pack contains an equal number of left and right oriented blocks - ideal for herringbone design and other patterns.

For advice speak to a member of staff on 020 88309788 or place your order online and you will receive your order shortly.

Our Parquet Floor Grading System

  • Rustic Grade Parquet Blocks - rich, vivid character allowing random size and form of knots and colour variation between the blocks;
  • Natural Grade Parquet Blocks - more calm, natural feeling of the timber, allowing limited sized knots of up to 5 mm and almost no colour variation between the blocks;
  • Prime Grade Parquet Blocks - clean oak timber without colour variation between the blocks; knots of 1 mm may appear randomly on 1 of 5 blocks.

Parquet Blocks Availability

We keep our oak blocks in stock for immediate dispatch to London at all times. But sometimes we may run out of a certain grade or size. Re-stocking of products would normally take about 2 weeks and a member of staff will be able to advise on our next availability.

Basics of Laying Parquet Flooring

Most of our clients of parquet flooring blocks are experienced fitters hired as contractors for a project in London. But sometimes the management of the project is partly held by the property owner, and if the case is like this, here is some short advice on laying parquet flooring.

  • Parquet blocks require a perfect level. If your subfloor is concrete, which has damage and unevenness, do not resolve it with self-levelling compound, it is a common mistake - take advise of your builders. Uneven wooden subfloors are always advisable to be plied or chipboarded prior to fitting.
  • Apply liquid DPM on concrete subfloors.
  • Parquet blocks are natural, unfinished product - allow up to 5 days for flooring acclimatisation in colder seasons.

Parquet Fitting Products

Did you know we do a range of floor finishing and laying products? These include parquet floor adhesives, wood floor lacquers and floor oils.

We do solid oak trims, oak thresholds, skirting boards, scotia and quadrant beadings - all you need for your parquet flooring installation.

How To Order?

Placing an order for parquet flooring is easy. If you need advice on quantity and products, including floor adhesives, lacquers, oils and solid oak accessories, speak to a member of staff on 020 88309788 (Monday to Saturday).

Alternatively, you can place your order online by adding a parquet flooring product to the basket.

Reclaimed or New Oak Blocks?

We get often approached by people thinking of installing reclaimed blocks - actually, so often that we have decided to say something about it on our website as well. Reclaimed Oak blocks can be cheaper, or more expensive than new oak blocks, but in any case, installing such should be out of the question, unless they are certain how they go about it.

Parquet flooring comes to market after timber has been carefully dried and checked before production. Blocks are stored in purpose-built warehouses, which will protect the product from increasing its moisture contents. By bidding happily on eBay or taking the freebie bags of blocks from your cousin's shed, you are risking to spend thousands of pounds on fitting and refinishing products, which may not be suitable for use in the condition it is.

When reclaimed blocks are laid together, they will be placed in a location different from before and therefore some blocks may be higher than other throughout the floors. The amount of sanding time and consumables required to level such floors may sometimes triple the effort of finishing new oak parquet flooring.

Final results will be acceptable, but far from what you would have joyed for, just like the bill.

Larger Volume Orders to London

All full palette orders or over attracts a discount of 5%, for multi palette orders please speak to a member of staff on 020 88309788.