Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent Distressed Oak, 1L

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Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent, Distressed Oak provides a "patina finish" highlighting the natural wood grain. The patina appearance is strongly influenced by the way the Wood-Ageing Agent is buffed in: the less Wood-Ageing Agent is buffed in, the deeper the effect will be.

The more grain pattern is visible, the more the "aged" effect will be. The most stunning effects are obtained on wood which has been previously brushed in the direction of the wood grain or distressed before application using various methods (thin scratches, small impacts etc.).

This product allows being coated with all types of solvent-based finishes - wood floor sealers, varnishes, oils, polishers and waxes. We recommend you to use it with Blanchon Hardwax Oils. We advise you to wait at least 8 hours before re-coating.

Wood-Ageing Agent is a single component, water-based and odourless product. It may be applied to all types of parquet, wood floor, woodwork, wood panelling, etc. It is very easy to apply, making it ideal for large surfaces.

You can find this product in different variations in colour and size.

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Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 15 m2/1 L
Drying Time Approx. 30 min.
Application Tools Brush, Roller
Colour Oak
Wood Dye Specification
Pack Size 1 L

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