Junckers PreLak White Primer, 5L

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Junckers Prelak White is a water-based, fast-drying primer that also adds a whitewash shade to the finish of the floors. Prelak White can be overcoated with Junckers Strong or Junckers HP Commercial, or other water-based finishes.

Junckers Prelak and Prelak White are also water-based solutions to the priming of wooden floors with species sensitive to changes in humidity.

Fast-drying, water-based primer for use on untreated or machine sanded wooden floors in commercial, residential, or sports areas.

By use of a primer, the risk of side-bonding between the individual floorboards is minimised. Protective coats with one of Juncker's water-based floor lacquers have to be applied after priming.

Dries up to a transparent white film.

  • High traffic areas: Finish with 2 coats of Strong, Strong Premium or HP Commerical 10 sqm/litre.
  • Low traffic areas: Finish with 2 coats of ProFinish 10 sqm/litre.
  • Sports areas: Finish with 2 coats of HP Sport 10-12 sqm/litre.

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Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 8 m2/litre
Component Base One Component
Drying Time Approx. 1-2 hours
Application Tools Roller
Shelf Life 1 year
Storage and Transportation Store at 20 °C
Pack Size 5 L
Colour White
Type of Finish Matt
Drying Component Water-Based

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