TimberTech Neo Acoustic Flooring Underlay, 5 mm, 8 sqm

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TimberTech Neo Acoustic Flooring Underlay, 5 mm, 8 sqm is an ultra thick, extremely dense, ultra heavy duty sponge rubber underlay with a high-density fleece and reinforced kraft paper backing offering maximum durability and superior sound proofing qualities. It is a heavyweight crumb rubber underlay with outstanding noise reduction.

TimberTech Acoustic Neo Flooring Underlay has an exceptional impact sound insulation level of 26 dB - making the room a better place to be.

The gold vapour barrier stops moisture from rising up from the sub-floor. Your floor will always be supported, reducing the wear and tear.

It's suitable for any installation - including commercial use. It helps smooth out uneven subfloor areas, making your floor last longer. 

TimberTech Neo Acoustic is made with rubber from recycled car tyres, which means old tyres don't go into landfill - so it's better for the planet.

Supplied per roll of 8 m2.


Underlay Specification
Thickness 5 mm
Built-In Membrane Yes
Base Material Rubber
Sound Proofing 26 dB
Sound Proofing - Airborne 26 dB