Delivery prices are based on location, dimensions and weight of the goods.

Delivery charges are subject to VAT.

London area and London surroundings: delivery between £5 and £25 is applicable to orders under £350 (excl. VAT). Customers with orders exceeding £350 excl VAT are eligible for FREE DELIVERY (check this option below).


Delivery dates: Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays

Delivery times: 08:00 till 17:00

Next Day Delivery is subject to stock availability.

Please note: Delivery dates and times given by Flooring Centre are provisional. That is why Flooring Centre cannot be held liable for any additional costs for the customer, resulting from delay of the delivered goods.


When you are organising your delivery please take into consideration the following requirements and limitations:

  • Delivered goods cannot be left in garages, garden, porches or other location.
  • Delivery address should be accessible by lorry or van.
  • There should be a person responsible for accepting the goods and signing Delivery Note on site.
  • Any time or road restrictions should be discussed with a member of the Flooring Centre staff prior to the delivery date.
  • There should be sufficient number of people on site to carry the goods inside. Please note that the Flooring Centre driver is not obliged to carry the goods inside due to Health and Safety Regulations.

Inability to comply with the abovementioned requirements would result either in delivery cancellation by Flooring Centre or a Return Delivery Fee of minimum £70 excl VAT.


Please make sure that on delivery you:

  • Check that the goods delivered are corresponding to your order.
  • Check for missing items.
  • Check for damaged items.
  • Check for open items.
  • Sign your Delivery Note and give it to the driver.


In a case of missing, damaged or open items, inform immediately Flooring Centre on 020 88309788. Describe the damaged, missing or open items on the Delivery Note before you signed it.

Please note: Failure to report any missing, damaged or open items before the driver has left, would result in your inability to claim refund or replacement.


The FREE DELIVERY option is available only for deliveries within London and some of the London surroundings (please check postcodes below).

In order to get FREE DELIVERY you should:

  • Place an order that is above £350 excl VAT.
  • Do not use any other current offers, i.e. free accessories, free underlay, discount on the flooring, etc.
  • Book the delivery for one of the following post codes: AL, BR, E, EC, DA, HA, HP, IG, KT, N, NW, RM, SE, SL, SW, TW, UB, W, WC, WD.


We're sorry, but we are currently unable to accept orders that are billed or delivered to destinations outside of the United Kingdom. We apologise for any inconvenience.